Surprised by Hearts

The heart shape is my very favorite shape and symbol.  One of my daughters teases me quite frequently because these heart shapes appear so often to me in just random places, that she shrugs it off as normal for her mom.  Today being Valentine’s Day here is a true heart-shape story for you.

A few days ago my daughter and I were taking a hike around our farm.  We passed a tree that had a long gap in the trunk shaped like an oval, tree scars as they are called. I commented that I have seen people post on social networks beautiful tree scars in the shape of a heart.  I told my daughter I would one day love to find a heart shape on a tree trunk.  Wishes are not always granted and most of them certainly not instantly, but on that very day, Sunday February 8, 2015, my wish came true!  Continuing our hike just a few feet away my daughter declared, “Look, Mom!” and sure enough my first tree ever with a heart shape.  It will be a special tree from now on and right on our farm.

On this Valentine’s Day 2015, I send you all love displayed on an Arkansas tree!