Seed Catalog Fun

Looking through seed catalogs on snowy days is somehow rather comforting to us who look forward to another growing season and hoping that the upcoming season will be even better than last year’s!  And maybe the grasshoppers won’t destroy everything this year like they did last year.  Maybe it won’t be so windy and hot.  Just maybe it will be a really good year!  Gardeners have hope, don’t we?

Although there are many excellent organic seed companies, I mainly buy my seeds from just four companies and today I’ll share the second of those.  Southern Exposure Seed Exchange sells only organic and heirloom seeds.  This company pledges that it will never knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants.  As a strictly organic gardener, I appreciate this very much!

Visit the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange website if you wish and request one of their free, lovely seed catalogs.


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  1. Great post! Yes, we can only hope! Spring is around the corner. Long long winters can make it harder. Like you, I find solstice in looking through seed books. I am not familiar with Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. I am also an organic gardener, have been for many years!

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