Woodpecker Trouble

One day I noticed some little holes in one of my apple trees and wondered if it had some kind of disease.  Then I began to see other trees with these same little holes.  And then almost overnight a lot of “disease” had taken place! I wondered what had happened, so I sent photos to the man from whom I had purchased the trees.  He knew right away! Woodpeckers! and probably the yellow-bellied sapsucker he told me.  I had never seen any of the woodpeckers pecking on the trees; otherwise, I would have known immediately what it was.  I never have seen any woodpeckers pecking on the trees, but I have spotted them sitting up in the trees.  Could never get a photo as they flew away before I could capture their image.  So what to do? I got a roll of burlap and wrapped the tree trunks up to the branches and then hung bird flash tape from the branches.  It worked! This remedy has kept them away.  Since they only seem to come during the winter, I take off the burlap during the warmer months.