The best company I have found from which to order seed potatoes is Wood Prairie Farm of Bridgewater, Maine.  The Gerritsen family has been growing organically for almost 40 years.  Their seed potatoes are excellent quality and organically produced which is important to me.  I love supporting this business because the family is dedicated to producing no genetically-contaminated seeds.  For several years I have grown the Carola Gold variety which is our family favorite every year.  Last year we tried the All Blue, a potato with deep blue-to-purple skin and flesh with a creamy, mild taste.  Wood Prairie Farm has several varieties of potatoes.  I am always amazed at how many varieties of potatoes there are!  What variety will I plant this year? Carola Gold for sure and then, who knows?  I am placing an order today right after this entry.  Looking forward to another season of growing potatoes, which seem to do well in my garden.