Are You a Garden Artist?

In all my years of gardening, I have never thought of myself as a “garden artist” until this morning as I was placing a seed order from the lovely Botanical Interests catalog.  On one page there was a commentary by Rob Proctor entitled The Ever-Changing Art of the Garden.  He compared gardening to painting.  What a novel thought! He tells us to think of our canvas as the soil, our tools the shovel, pruners and hoses, and our paintbox is a package of seeds or a trunk load of freshly purchased flowers! And so, after this inspiring commentary, I see myself indeed as a garden artist and, with that in mind, I think this morning I ordered more “paintboxes” than I had intended!  But, you can never have too many flowers, can you?

Some of my my garden art with a floral theme.

lavendarimp lovelyzinnias pinkvinca

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