Seeds, Seeds, and More Seeds!

Today went off the last seed order (maybe) for this season.  As the snow was quickly melting in the morning sunshine today, I made out my seed order. What fun looking through a beautiful seed catalog and imagining a bountiful garden.  Soon the seeds will come in the mail.  How exciting!  I love seeds.  I love how they look, and the promise they hold.  One thing I haven’t done much of yet is saving seeds, but that is on my dream list.  Until I become a true seed saver, I do appreciate people like Jere and Emilee Gettles who founded Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  They have been all over the world learning about vegetables, fruits and flowers and bringing all kinds of new varieties back to the United States to make available.  How else would I have gotten to try the Abu Rawan tomato? A beautiful red Iraqi tomato which did well in my garden.  Hopefully in the next few months I will be posting beautiful garden produce photos!


3 thoughts on “Seeds, Seeds, and More Seeds!

  1. Yay seeds. Thought I had all of mine for the year but another poster just talked me into trying a moringa tree. Good luck with your garden this year!


    1. Thanks for the good luck wishes for gardening this year. Moringa tree! I wonder if they grow in northwest Arkansas. Why did you tell me about that? ha ha Now I will have to look up photos and info. I have only seen moringa powder at the health food store, but don’t know anything about it.


      1. I don’t think moringa can take frost. This would have to be an indoor pet. Also you will need to keep it trimmed down. One of the YouTube gardeners that I watch has one that’s over 7 feet tall. My wife wouldn’t look kindly on that.

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