Seeds of Hope

A beautiful gentle rain is falling today and the first seed packets and seed potatoes have arrived!  What will this year’s garden be like? I was almost afraid to get my hopes up too much because the last 3 years have not been good for my garden.  We had thousands of grasshoppers 3 years in a row invade our whole area, not just my little garden.  They even ate leaves on trees and window screens.  A veritable plague!  When you walked outside they were hopping all over the grass and into your hair.  They hung out on the fences during the day like they were taking a nap and ready for the next attack.


Someone mentioned that grasshoppers come in 3-year cycles. Really?  Well, hopefully they will not appear this year again.   I have twice used Semaspore Bait within my garden, but when there are thousands, nay millions, which come hopping all over the adjacent pastures, it may not do much good.

Besides grasshoppers, it was hot, very windy and not much rain the last 3 years which doesn’t help garden plants grow very well.  Squash bugs were bad too last year, the worst I have ever seen.  Tomato plants took so long to mature and produce fruit.  My garden wasn’t the only one affected.  Other people spoke of the same things. One old timer in our area attributed the poor growing seasons to the New Year’s Eve tornado that devastated our little community in 2010.  He said crops haven’t grown normal since then.  It’s true they haven’t, but I’m not sure it was the tornado.

Looking through my shovel with rain drops today and seeing the garlic growing I am still hopeful for a good garden.


So, I dig up my garden beds again. I won’t give up because there have been really good years for gardening and 2015 just might be one of them, again.  I have seeds of hope!