Coffee in the Garden

Today I watched an interesting video ( about using coffee grounds to enhance your garden soil as well as adding the grounds to the compost pile.  A couple years ago I started doing just that so was glad to see it being recommended.  In our household we only buy organic and fair trade coffee.  I wonder if organic coffee grounds are any better for the soil?  We use unbleached compostable coffee filters in brewing our coffee and so put them and the grounds into a small bucket on the back porch.  When full, I empty the grounds and filters into my compost bed or pile the dampened filters and coffee around the blueberry plants.

And speaking of coffee, my daughter and I like to drink a cup of coffee in the garden and play Garden Scrabble.  Yes, there is a Scrabble game made for garden lovers and you get extra points for garden words!  This past Sunday afternoon it was warm enough at 70 degrees and sunny to play a game of Scrabble and drink our coffee in the garden at our table under the oak tree.  The very last word for the game was made by my daughter and it was AMEN.


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