Lavender Love

Lavender! So many lovely varieties and uses for lavender.  It’s only been in the last three years that I have really grown to love lavender, not only for its beauty and aroma, but it is lavender which led me into the amazing world of essential oils.  My daughter who is an R.N. caught the passion and became a distributor for Young Living.  Of course, I bought lavender essential oil and other oils from her new mommy-stay-at-home business:

Researching essential oils to learn more, I came across a book by Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt, The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils.  Amazing information.  If you are even mildly interested in essential oils, you will become intensely interested after reading this book, believe me.  I plan to take his course in aromatherapy this year.  Visit the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy for more information if you wish:

Lavender now holds a special place in my garden, a bed of its own.  Last year I planted a lavender variety I got from Lowe’s, but failed to record its name.  It’s doing well and maybe when it blooms I’ll be able to identify the variety.  In December I started some English Blue Scent Lavender indoors and just transplanted the “babies” this week into the lavender bed.

Maybe one day I’ll have enough lavender growing in my garden to produce some lavender essential oil, weave lavender wreaths, make lavender soap and candles.  Who knows? Half the fun is in dreaming, they say.  One thing I can do is continue to learn about and love lavender.