Peach Blossoms and Henbit

Spring is happening! My Belle of Dixie peach tree is starting to bloom and of course henbit has popped up everywhere in my garden as it has done for many years.  Even though henbit (Lamium amplexicaule) is considered a weed, I have always enjoyed its presence because it is such a beautiful plant.  Its tiny flowers are so intricately designed and look like little orchids.  After trying to take some closeup photos of henbit yesterday, I wanted to learn more about this little plant and found out henbit belongs to the mint family.  After all these years pulling it out of my garden beds, I discover you can eat it!  I bring in tender dandelion greens to put in our lettuce salads and now I will probably annoy my family with henbit leaves too.  What weed will we be eating next?

In my search for information about henbit I found a very nice website and will share it with you as it has much about henbit and other edible weeds.

Henbit: Top of the pecking order

Pretty Little Henbit


Belle of Dixie Peach Blossom