Snakes and Daffodils

On Sunday afternoon I was sitting on the ground in the garden playing with my three Chihuahuas when thought I saw something move near my shoe.  Took another look and it was a little brown snake, the first snake I’ve seen this year, March 22.  Little snakes like this don’t scare me unless they crawl up the leg of my jeans.  Last summer I was on my hands and knees weeding a bed of flowers and felt something tickling inside my pant leg.  My first thought was a spider or bug so I stood up and shook my leg and out came a brown snake! I can’t believe I didn’t scream.  It slithered off quickly into the deep grass outside the flower bed.  I don’t mind little snakes not thicker than a Sharpie pen and not more than 12 inches long.  During the summer I like to think of the little brown snakes and the garden snakes as my little friends.


And the daffodils in the garden are happily blooming!