Blooming Clematis and Potato Plants

Wishing you all a wonderful day of gardening, or your favorite adventure!  😊

Today the clematis is blooming!  ❤️ this plant.  We have gotten such a gentle rain twice already within the week.  Garden soil is soft and warm so I was out planting peas, beans, carrots and beets this morning.  Transplanted two tomato plants I started indoors as well.  Potatoes are coming up nicely.  At this time of year everything looks so promising for delicious and healthy organically grown fruit and vegetables.  Bug pests are still dormant. When they appear, I pick them off or use an organic insecticidal soap.  Of course, I have time to do this and my garden is not a large organic farm.  I do wonder how they manage insect pests as well as plant diseases.

I am very happy to see all the honeybees in my garden this spring because I’ve been concerned about the news regarding bees being massively killed off by pesticides.



Potato plant below. Bought the seed potatoes from Wood Prairie Farm of Maine, a family owned business which produces a variety of organically grown seed potatoes and never any genetically-modified plants!