Blueberry and Strawberry Blossoms

Here they come again! By May we should be enjoying fresh strawberries and blueberries.  Blueberries are my favorite berry but I really love all berries, including the tart gooseberry.  With 52 young blueberry bushes, my kids told me to stop planting anymore as I would be overrun with them.  I told my kids I can’t have too many blueberries and I won’t be “overrun” with them until I have my freezer and theirs full of berries and have given quarts away to friends and folk at church.  If I still have so many blueberries, I would try to sell them at the local farmers’ market and restaurants which buy local produce.  So, you see, I could buy at least one more plant this year.  😊

What varieties do I have so far? Rubel, Toro, Jersey, Early Blue, Jewel, Brigitta, Windsor, Legacy, O’Neal, Emerald, Elliott, Ochlocknee, Northern Blue and Sweetheart.  By planting early, mid-season and late season varieties you can enjoy fresh blueberries from late April through June in my area of Northwest Arkansas.

The strawberry variety I have is Tristar which is a disease resistant, everbearing variety producing a heavy crop in early spring, lighter crops in hot summer weather, and increased size berries in fall.  We have been very happy with this variety.  I only have one small bed of strawberries so we eat them fresh and as fast as they come.

Strawberry blossom


Blueberry blossoms