Hail Storm Damage

We got a hail storm late Sunday afternoon (April 19) like we have never seen in over 40 years since we have lived here.  It hailed for almost 15 minutes with pea size hail which piled up like snow.  Not only hail, but we got over an inch of rain during that short time as well.  There won’t be as many blueberries as hoped for this year because many blossoms were knocked off.  Strawberry plants were smacked down.  Other tender young plants were also beaten down in the earth and some stems broken.  But today the sun is shining and the sky is bright blue!  Not all plants in the garden have been destroyed, so we will continue to sow and tend the garden in hope of reaping in due time the “fruits of our labor.”

Here comes the hail storm!


Hail accumulated like snow.


Strawberry patch beaten down.


Pea size hail everywhere!


Potato plants beaten down but they should recover.


Bee balm beaten down but it is hardy and will recover.


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