Mowing Garden Grass

If I had a magic wand, I’d create a lovely stone walkway through my 150′ x 70′ garden.  I would establish only raised beds about 3′ high so I could tend to my veggies without having to bend down or work on my knees, and there would be nothing to mow because nicely designed flower and herb beds would take up the rest of the space.  But for now I will continue bending, kneeling and mowing my garden grass.

A few years ago I discovered a battery-powered push mower, a Neuton, which was love at first use because I hated using a gasoline push mower; it was so loud and stinky.  I’m on my second Neuton and still enjoy mowing with it.  Because it uses a battery, it starts immediately every time.  It is much more quiet than a gas engine and of course there is no smell other than freshly mowed grass.  After mowing, I have to plug the battery back into the charger but other than keeping the mower clean and blade sharp there is of course no oil to change or other maintenance.  And what to do with all the mowed grass clippings?  Rake them up and put them in my compost pile of course.  It makes for some really good “green manure.”