Earth Day in the Garden

041Every day is Earth Day in my garden and in my life.  Why?  Because I believe in God who created the earth, everything upon it, and everything beyond.  This Wondrous Being has given me life and allowed me to “tend my garden” on His beautiful Earth.  Imagine if every person born upon the Earth tried his whole life to take good care of the area upon which he dwelt, so that if the generous Benefactor one day should stop by, all would be clean and well-cared for, thereby showing how appreciative he was for the amazing gifts which were bestowed upon him.  How very sad there seem to be so few people who care.  But, some people have tried throughout Earth’s history to be grateful tenders of Creation so there is hope!  Whatever Earth Day was meant to be, politically, economically or otherwise, it is a good idea to remind us creatures not to trash our earthly home and to ever strive at cleaning up after those who don’t care.  It seems like we will always have such people doesn’t it?  Look at all the folk who clean up litter along the highway from those who toss it out their windows.  Truly caring people at this moment are trying to clean up toxic waste, promote clean energy sources, promote true healthy living and prevent more contamination and trashing of the Earth.  May God bless the work of their hands.

As a 68-year-old grandmother I’m not able to invent small solar panels which would provide free power for home use (wow, wouldn’t that be something), but I will continue to tend my little organic garden, and not just within this garden, but in my “extended garden” of life, trying to do no harm to people, other creatures or the environment and be grateful for my life upon the Earth.

One of my favorite quotes is from Joel Salatin; from the first time I read this quote I have made it my motto:

I am a caretaker of creation. I don’t own it. What I’m supposed to do is leave it in better shape for the next generation than I found it.

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