The Joy of Compost

Well, who in the world would find joy in compost?  Gardeners!  That is, gardeners who try to make their own and actually do turn out some nice dark, soft compost know this kind of joy.

When I first started my garden I bought a whole pickup truck load of mushroom compost and filled every bed with it.  Mistake made.  It was too much compost and not enough just plain old dirt.  Things didn’t grow as well.  A couple years later I wanted to add a little compost so I bought some bagged compost and it stunk so bad.  Whatever was in it I don’t know.  Never bought that again.  I decided to make my own.  I bought a compost tumbler but even following the directions, it never seemed to produce all that nice dark compost I dreamed of.  My next attempt was a compost pile.  008Just a fenced in area where I throw grass clippings over the summer and leaves in the fall.  I toss in raw veggie scraps and used coffee filters (we use only biodegradable filters and organic coffee).  The pile “brews” over winter and by spring it sinks down to almost nothing and underneath the dry top layer is this wonderful dark, soft compost.  Joy!

010So what happens to this lovely compost?  I sprinkle it on top of my tilled garden beds.  Not too much of course.  Compost improves the quality of almost any soil.  It improves the structure and texture of the soil, thus enabling it to better retain nutrients, moisture and air for the betterment of plants.

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