Feasting on Dandelions!

Eating dandelions has become quite a fascination with me this spring.

007I have always loved the bright yellow dandelion and occasionally pick its leaves to put in our salads, but in all my 68 years have never thought about eating any other part of the plant until I recently read this article about making dandelion jelly.  Dandelion jelly?!  My Slovenian grandfather used to make dandelion wine and from what I remember it tasted quite good.  Dandelion wine, dandelion jelly and dandelion greens in salads.  What next?

Yes, dandelion fritters!  Although I haven’t tried canning any dandelion jelly yet,  I do want to try dandelion fritters!  Deep Roots at Home blog has a recipe for this tasty sounding dish.

I told my daughter I needed to find a cookbook for dandelions.  It wasn’t hard to find one and I plan to buy this book The Ultimate Dandelion Cookbook by Kristina Seleshanko.  Kristina has a wealth of information regarding the healthful benefits and culinary uses of dandelions on her blog.

Happy dandelion feasting!


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    1. Yes, and let me know if you (or anyone else) tries it. I like berry jams the best but I’d be very happy to try this jelly. I’ve read it tastes like honey.

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