Potato Blossoms!

Potato blossoms!  I love them.  Look how beautiful they are!

077For some reason I seem to be able to grow good potatoes.  They have done very well in my garden for several years.  Perhaps it’s the soil or the climate is good for them here in Northwest Arkansas.  I don’t do anything special to the garden soil other than add some of my own compost when I till up in the fall.  I also add Espoma brand fertilizer.

This spring I planted three varieties:  Butte, Carola Gold and Rose Gold seed potatoes which I purchased from Wood Prairie Farm, whose owner is a dedicated organic farmer.075

The only pest I have had so far is the Colorado potato beetle.  Because I’m also dedicated to organic gardening, I don’t use any pesticides in my garden and do the “old fashioned thing” to pick off the beetles and their larvae by hand and put them in a jar of soapy water.  Of course that is easy for me with a small garden with only three rows to inspect and clean off.   Whatever do the big organic farms use?  022

Here’s a photo I took of beetle larvae munching on my potato leaves.  I always hate seeing these larvae getting fat on my potato leaves.

But guess what I love to see? The lady bug beetles! They are a natural predator for Colorado potato beetles.  They eat the eggs.

And here’s a photo I took of lady bugs making more lady bugs! Keep up the good work my dear friends, the lady bug beetles.