Clematis Woes

Off to a glorious start this spring, my oldest clematis plant developed the dreaded brown wilt.  After several years of growing and blooming merrily along the garden fence with never a care, the month of May this year was unusually damp, fostering the growth of the brown wilt fungus which can affect clematis plants.  Sources say the fungus does not attack the roots, so one should cut the plant down to the roots, dispose of the diseased plant and from the roots the clematis will spring forth again, perhaps even the same season.  I very sadly cut the diseased plant back to the roots and am looking forward to its coming back and once again decorating the garden fence with its color and beauty.

Early spring glory with beautiful blossoms, and a bee at work.

005004 Clematis blossom after blooming, making seeds.  I love how these look! So golden and shiny.  They will eventually become dull, fuzzy and blow away.

034                                 And then came the brown wilt fungus……….

001 002But, who knows? The plant may come back this same season.  I already saw a leafy sprig arise from life in the root base.

002“While there’s life, there’s hope.”

~Marcus Tullius Cicero