Lavender Lemon Balm Sugar

017With lavender doing so well in my garden this year, I thought I really need to do some fun things with it besides admiring, nibbling on, and sniffing it every day when I walk through the garden.  Although I had planted some lavender from seeds a couple years ago, this is the first year it has bloomed and now I think I might really be able to grow lavender, one of my very favorite herbs.

This year I also planted lemon balm and it has grown into a lovely plant.  Who knew lemon balm leaves could taste so heavenly? 034

My interest and fascination with herbs and their amazing uses has been growing in the past months.  When I saw a recipe on the Herbal Academy of New England’s website for lemon balm lavender sugar, I decided to try it as my first adventure with using lavender.

So here we go!  This afternoon, I snipped off some fresh lavender flowers and lemon balm leaves and set out a clean glass jar to layer the lemon balm leaves, lavender flowers and organic sugar.


And now flowers, leaves and sugar are all nicely layered in the glass jar with lavender flowers on top to make it look pretty.


Finally, placed the lid on tightly and set the lavender lemon balm sugar on the shelf to wait patiently for two weeks to try this sugar sprinkled on toast, scones, salad dressings, or to sweeten tea or coffee, or who knows where else it will taste good?

014Recipes for lemon and lavender sugar state you can grind up the flowers and leaves in a blender, coarsely or finely blend as you wish.  You can also remove the flowers and leaves, just enjoying the flavored sugar in ways you may discover.

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  1. Lavender flowers add color and taste to salads. You can also use the spikes and leaves to replace rosemary in bread recipes, soups and stews. Use to taste, of course. Dried lavender can also be used in making a refreshing hot or cold tea. Lots possibilities with this wonderful herb. Besides culinary uses, it also has many medicinal and healing qualities.


  2. I didn’t know that lavender could be eaten. The sugar sounds delightful! Please post here on how it tastes when the time to use it has come.

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