Fresh Food, a Garden Joy

One of the joys of gardening is bringing in fresh food!  You know where and how it was grown.  Because I never use pesticides or herbicides in my garden, I know the food I have is safe to eat.  So what did I harvest today?

Potatoes! The first potatoes I dug up are Rose Gold, a variety I had never planted until this spring.  They look lovely and I expect they will taste good too.  Bought the Rose Gold seed potatoes from Wood Prairie Farm.  The nice thing about potatoes is you can leave them in the ground until ready to eat them.  Where I live in the northwest corner of Arkansas they will do fine left in the ground over winter, although I do dig up most of them and store in the refrigerator.

002A basket of garlic! Our family loves the flavor garlic gives to many different foods, plus all the health benefits from garlic.  This year I grew three small beds of garlic and here is the first harvest.  More to come.  The variety below is Red Toch, a soft neck garlic with a spicy fragrance.  It originates from the Republic of Georgia, near Tochliavri.

015 004Lettuce and young kale.  What a super good salad this makes.  Our family never gets tired of a fresh salad.  Sure, it is more work to have to go outside to pick the greens and then carefully wash it all, but for me this is actually a pleasure.

001For the love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies, but always grows and grows to an enduring and ever-increasing source of happiness.

~Gertrude Jekyll

3 thoughts on “Fresh Food, a Garden Joy

    1. Green thumb? I would like to be known as having such a thumb, but if the weather is nice (rain at the right time, no hail, not too hot, not too windy) and the insect and disease pests don’t kill or eat up your thumb’s hard work, then it is easy to have a green thumb! So far this has been a good year for gardening and I’m hoping for continued conditions for green thumb development! 😉

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      1. My green thumb was fine this year at first. But something’s eating my pepper plants, and now my tomatoes aren’t growing as large. But then again, we’ve had way too much rain.

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