The Last Rose of Summer

002Well, summer is officially over, so I took some photos of my climbing rose bush which hasn’t endured the summer heat very well but with some much-needed rain a couple weeks ago and a few cooler nights it all of a sudden sent up a long stem way up to the top of the garden arch and  produced a beautiful bloom by the heart shape.

Another rose bloomed near the bottom of the arch as well as if celebrating the last day of summer yesterday.  019

Garden harvest is about done for the season except for the turnip crop which will be in the next few weeks.  Green beans are just about finished as well.  The herbs I planted have done very well and the holy basil just keeps blooming and has grown to now what I’d call a bush! 026

024Zinnias have kept up their glory all summer long and marigolds are in close competition.  Both have almost taken over the garden beds but they still look just outstanding.

For the first time this spring, I planted cardinal climber and all of a sudden this lovely plant with fern-like leaves has climbed all over the north garden fence and is quite cheery with its bright red flowers.   006

A few weeks ago I bought a small cold frame and have planted lettuce, spinach and French breakfast radishes (who eats radishes for breakfast?).  We’ll see how this works out!

Wishing you all a beautiful autumn season!

“I loved autumn, the one season of the year that God seemed to have put there just for the beauty of it.”      ~Lee Maynard