Frost is Coming!

014The first freeze of the season is coming, ready or not. Weathermen say it will happen tomorrow night, November 7.   I always try to prolong the life of my garden plants by covering them with frost blankets; it does help for a time, but of course eventually it really is winter and garden plants die off.

In the past I have kept some cold hardy lettuce growing all winter using frost blankets to cover the lettuce bed, but this year I’m trying a small cold frame. 004Lettuce and spinach are growing really well in there right now, treating us daily to these healthy greens.  We’ll see how the plants do over winter.  Will it be a mild one or a severe one? We never know, of course, but we always hope for the mild one.

018Marigolds and hummingbird sage are still brightening up the garden! Today there were many honey bees buzzing around the sage blossoms. Always love seeing the bees at work especially because we hear so much about bees dying off due to pesticides.  I don’t use any pesticides so bees have a safe gathering place in my organic garden.

Another growing season is coming to an end, but what wonderful memories of the garden this past year, planting tiny seeds which miraculously produce cucumbers, melons, tomatoes, turnips, zinnias, marigolds, hyssop, lavender and much more.  I look forward to garden miracles in 2016, Deo volente.

“I’ve been a dweller on the plains,
have sighed when summer days were gone;
No more I’ll sigh; for winter here
Hath gladsome gardens of his own.”
– Dorothy Wordsworth, Peaceful Our Valley, Fair and Green