Thanksgiving in the Garden

005Thanksgiving Day in the garden held a pleasant surprise!  One of my blueberry plants boasted several blossoms! Quite unusual for blueberries in our region to attempt blossoms in late fall.  The variety is Emerald and the bush did produce some nice berries back in the summer.  Even the hard freeze we had a few nights ago didn’t deter its blossom power.  I doubt it will be able to develop berries with winter weather coming on, but who knows?  The other blueberry varieties I have are wearing their autumn attire.


Our Thanksgiving Day weather is cloudy, breezy and warm, in the 60’s.  Weathermen say we’re in for some heavy rain, like several inches, over the next two days.  We will be thankful to get some rain.  Everything from grass to apple trees in the garden will welcome a life-giving rain.

Most garden flowers were killed off by the hard freeze the second week of November.  Only tansy, lavender and red clover are still producing some flowers but not as radiant or as many.  I’ve been covering some of my herb beds with Agribon frost blankets, trying to prolong hyssop, yarrow, winter savory, elecampane, sage and borage.   The cold frame is keeping lettuce and spinach fresh and growing.  Nothing like opening the lid and picking fresh greens for a salad!

The woodpeckers (yellow-bellied sapsuckers) who have come to the garden aren’t very happy that I wrapped burlap all around the trunks of the apple trees.  They love pecking holes and sucking out the sap.  The trees and I are thankful burlap protects their trunks from harm.


I took the photo below in December of 2012. Almost overnight my apple trees had these mysterious holes and I wondered what had happened. I had never seen such damage on my apple trees.  Thankfully I got the trunks covered with burlap before the yellow-bellied sapsuckers ruined the five apple trees.  The birds usually come in November just in time for their Thanksgiving feast, but I stay ahead of them now with the burlap!


It has been an enjoyable gardening season.  As always, some things grew  well and others didn’t, disappointments and joys, but what pleasure in planting seeds and watching things grow, digging in the dirt, spending time outdoors, admiring God’s amazing creation, and being thankful to Him for all his many blessings, like the beautiful sky shows we get to enjoy.  Here’s a photo at sunset I took looking west from the garden last week.






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  1. I love following your blog to see “how your garden grow(s)”..!!! We have too many deer for me to even think of trying to garden.. I tried having a container garden on our porch but it faces west and does not get but but a few hours of “sun”..

    Thanks for showing us the results of your hard work..!!!!


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