January Skies

Already a new year and the first month has nearly passed.  Things are quiet in the garden right now, resting until spring arrives which will arouse plants and countless living creatures to vibrant activity.  Seed catalogs are stacked up on my desk which I go through almost daily pondering over how many new vegetables and flowers I should plant this year.  Part of the fun of gardening is dreaming of the bountiful harvest which may or not come about, but one can always hope for the best crop ever.

In the meantime, the winter garden is still a comforting place in which to walk and especially to enjoy winter sunsets.  My three little dogs enjoy their garden time too, running and sniffing about while their mama watches the sky for interesting clouds and sunsets to photograph.

This evening there was a parhelion in the sky, formed from a jet streak which fanned out into cirrus.  This phenomenon is also called a sundog.  Have you ever seen one?


Under January winter skies the cold frame has kept the lettuce and spinach growing and it is such a blessing to be able to pick some fresh lettuce and spinach for a supper salad. I just pick a few leaves and not uproot the whole plant, so it keeps on growing.  Imagine how fun it would be to have a walk-in greenhouse?!


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