Bluebirds and Brussels Sprouts

Two new things happened in the garden this spring!

Bluebirds made their home in the bluebird house which I had put up several years ago, but sparrows had always gotten in there first.  This spring bluebirds successfully nested in the house and are currently feeding their hungry little babies.  I’m hoping to get more photos of these lovely birds but here are two I got while watching them quietly from my chair under the nearby oak tree.

Mama bluebird bringing food to her babies.


Done with feeding, now what? Probably going to get more food!



The second new thing is a Brussels sprout plant is growing!

My husband and I love Brussels sprouts so I thought I’d try to grow some.  In the early fall 2015, I tucked a few seeds in the ground hoping they might grow, but doubting they would since I’d never grown them before and never have had any luck with cabbage family plants.  Amazingly one plant popped up and actually survived the winter temperatures and hard frosts.  As of today it is about 3 feet high! It is fun watching it grow and see where the little sprouts will appear.  It’s looking so good, I’m hoping we really get to eat some before any insects try to compete with us or spring storms crush the plant with high wind or hailstones.


Have you ever seen a Brussels sprout plant flower? How pretty they are at the top of the plant now blooming.  Brussels sprouts are part of the cruciferae or mustard family, so known because of a 4-part flower in the shape of a cross.