Happy Leap Day!

Walking through my garden this morning, I kept looking up at all the fascinating clouds in the sky. What an amazing day for clouds! The sky was full of swish and swirl clouds which floated across the blue providing plenty of opportunities for using up your camera’s battery! All kinds of graceful virga floated merrily overhead as well as other wispy cirrus forms decorated the blue sky.


At our home, temps were in the upper 60’s under mostly sunny skies with a light breeze.  Dandelions are popping up everywhere.  I love these bright and cheery yellow flowers. And I don’t dig them up as weeds, unless of course I’m planning to use the flowers or leaves in a supper salad. Yes! You can eat dandelions.  All parts of them even.


In my garden grass, the first crocus bloomed today as well.  What a joy to welcome these pretty little flowers which suddenly surprise us in the spring.


And speaking of clouds again, there was one cloud that looked just like a dog leaping across the sky and another one which looked like a white tornado.  Both of these shapes came from virga cloud formations.  How fun to see cloud pictures in the sky!



Seed Potatoes and a Crocus

After all the cold weather and snow this month, it was 70 degrees today, snow all gone, so I enjoyed digging in the soft dirt and planting some Rose Gold potatoes! This is a new variety I’m trying.  I’ll be planting in the next few days some Carola Gold potatoes which I’ve grown for several years; they have done very well.  And yet another new variety called Butte I’ll be planting in the next couple of weeks.  Butte is a russet variety.  I get my seed potatoes Wood Prairie Farm up in Maine.  The family-owned farm produces only organically grown potatoes.  http://www.woodprairie.com/

As I carried my digging tools across the garden to the potato beds today, I spotted the first crocus to bloom. What a treat that was!