Spring Garden Flower Show


What a grand welcome to spring with all the flowers which bloom in my garden. Here are the stars of this spring’s garden flower show!

Enter the lovely daffodils which were the first to grace the garden with their radiant colors.


Then came the tulips marching in with their stately beauty:



Of course, the peach blossoms and apple blossoms must also share their glory:


The blueberry blossoms contribute to the beauty of spring as well.  Did you ever look closely at these lovely little blossoms?  What design!


Kale blossoms! One lonely kale plant made it through the winter and has produced these bright yellow flowers.


Do you recognize this beautiful blossom? Strawberry! The strawberry bed is full of these blossoms right now, so here’s hoping for a delicious strawberry harvest coming up.


And last but not least, a sweet canine flower child, Bitsie.  She is one of my three little dogs who all love to go with “GrannieAppleseed” out into the garden wonderland.  Bitsie was found by one of my daughters out in one of our snow-covered pastures in February of 2011, very thin and very cold.  We never found out where she came from after trying for weeks to find an owner. No ID or chip. She was only about 4 months old and appears to be a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix.  She has been with me ever since and will remain so “until death do us part.”  One of her favorite spots in the garden is this little patch of clover where she loves to take a nap.


A Little Garden Tour

It’s May 1, and a lovely day here.  Welcome to my little garden tour!  Come on through the arch at the top of this blog.

One thing I enjoy is walking in my garden.  It has become my favorite place just to walk. In the winter months I like to hike around the meadows and woods; that’s when the snakes, ticks and chiggers are into their winter sleep.  We live on a dirt road and I often like to take a nice long walk with our four big dogs on these roads, but if we’ve not had recent rain you can get pretty dusty when a vehicle passes by, therefore, walking the perimeter of my garden is a good solution to my love of walking.  Come along for a little walk with me…………..

Here are some photos to enjoy along the way.  The garden is completely fenced in because I have three little dogs who get to run free within the 80′ x 130′ enclosure; it’s a safe place while mama is tending the garden.

008Here’s a view to the west.  Apple trees on the left and a solar-power clothes dryer!  See it?  😊  What’s not to enjoy about hanging clothes out to dry in the fresh air and sunshine?

One long bed dug up and ready for planting.  005 Apple trees on the left as well as some blueberry bushes.

View to the north.  Garlic beds on the right and brick-lined lavender bed.   Rosa rugosa bush starting to bloom.  Red creeper will be climbing up the lattice by the bird house later.

003View to the south.  Potatoes growing nicely in the foreground.  Grape vines starting to green up in the background.  Two elderberry bushes are behind the grapes but hard to see in photo.  Blueberry bushes barely visible to left of grapes.

002The southwest corner of the garden is where we have a black metal table and chairs under the lovely Southern oak tree.  On warm Sunday afternoons my daughter and I play Scrabble (Garden Scrabble!) here and drink a cup of coffee.  Birdbath is nearby as well as royal purple raspberry and current bushes.

Hope you enjoyed your tour!

“Regardless of geographical region or culture, gardening is perhaps the most common shared experience of Nature.” ~S. Kelley Harrell

Hail Storm Damage

We got a hail storm late Sunday afternoon (April 19) like we have never seen in over 40 years since we have lived here.  It hailed for almost 15 minutes with pea size hail which piled up like snow.  Not only hail, but we got over an inch of rain during that short time as well.  There won’t be as many blueberries as hoped for this year because many blossoms were knocked off.  Strawberry plants were smacked down.  Other tender young plants were also beaten down in the earth and some stems broken.  But today the sun is shining and the sky is bright blue!  Not all plants in the garden have been destroyed, so we will continue to sow and tend the garden in hope of reaping in due time the “fruits of our labor.”

Here comes the hail storm!


Hail accumulated like snow.


Strawberry patch beaten down.


Pea size hail everywhere!


Potato plants beaten down but they should recover.


Bee balm beaten down but it is hardy and will recover.


Tulip Time

Spring is such a beautiful time with all the flowers coming back to life. Our tulips were really bright and showy this year.  They even got pelted with dime-sized hail during a thunderstorm but popped right back up the next day when the sun came out.  They’ll soon be losing all their petals, but I did capture some of their springtime glory in photos.