A Valentine Poinsettia

On St. Valentine’s Day my poinsettia is blooming!  Christmas 2014 our church had so many little poinsettia plants to decorate the altar, they were given away to those who wished to adopt one.  I didn’t expect mine to live very long as I’ve never raised a poinsettia before.  The plant did very well until spring and by then the bracts were all green.  I thought the plant might enjoy the great outdoors so I set it out in its pot right next to my St. Francis of Assisi statue in the garden.  Before the end of summer I needed to re-pot it as it had outgrown the little plastic container.  When the first frost was predicted I brought the plant indoors for the winter.  I read about how to get poinsettias to bloom for Christmas but I decided I didn’t want to bother with all that; I would just let my plant be natural and do whatever it wished. It remained vibrantly green until after Christmas and then slowly the bracts started turning red and they are now blooming gloriously on February 14.  When the weather gets appropriate for my dear friend, I will again place it outside in the garden.  I read that poinsettias can grow up to 8 feet tall. This one grew from less than a foot tall in December 2014 to now a little over 2 feet tall.  How tall will this one grow? Will I be able to carry it into the house for winter?  Such a fun problem to have.  We’ll see how long my poinsettia adventure continues.